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the Apulian flavours

You can’t start a party in Apulia without focaccia and panzerotti.

We would do anything for a slice of focaccia or for a still hot fried panzerotto.
Face the scorching sand during summer, after the last dive in the sea.
Abandon our ball in the middle of a spring trip, to gather around thrown together meal.
Give yourself a break from the diet when someone tempts us with an innocent:” do you want a bite?”.

Focaccia and panzerotti – and why not, taralli and sweets – are the raw materials that make Apulian conviviality.
In the same way Olio&Farina (oil and flour) are the base ingredients to any flavor made in Apulia.
Two simple and genuine elements, that go well with the products from our land.

Olio&Farina tell the great gastronomic history of a whole region, from the rugged promontories of Gargano to the golden beaches of Salento.

There’s a world of invisible protagonists behind our tasty and genuine products: a variety of Apulian wheats , like the Senatore Cappelli; the stone mills, where the wheat is milled to produce type 1 flours, whole or made with cereal; the extra virgin olive oil, result of monocultivar Ogliarola and Coratina olives exported all around the World.

We can taste the happy ending of this story in every bite we take from the fresh out of the oven focaccia or by a still hot fried panzerotto.
Here at Olio&Farina, moreover, baked products becomes gourmet: we place side by side the traditional recipes with the research of new combinations and flavors.

To promote Apulia in all its flavor, we take advantage of our collaboration with the best local biological producers, according to the values of right Kilometer: we are ready to drive a little further to serve at our tables the best possible ingredients, without denying our passion for home made products.


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