Why i will be Convinced that Anna Ardin is a Liar 2020

I will be slightly upgrading and reposting this from 2012 since the main-stream news have actually guaranteed really people that are few the information associated with “case” against Julian Assange in Sweden. The UN performing Group ruled that Assange ought to never have already been arrested into the UK in the beginning since there is no situation, and no investigation that is genuine. Check this out and also you shall understand why.

One other thing maybe perhaps not commonly recognized can there be isn’t any JURY in a rape test in Sweden which is a SECRET TEST. Most of the evidence, all the witnesses, are heard in key. No public, no jury, no news. Really the only part that is public the charging and also the verdict. There was a judge as well as 2 advisers straight appointed by governmental parties. Which means you never would get to comprehend exactly just how clearly the full situation is a stitch-up. Unless you check this out.

You can find therefore numerous inconsistencies in Anna Ardin’s accusation of intimate attack against Julian Assange. Nevertheless the key question which leaps down at me personally – and which strangely We have maybe not seen asked anywhere else – is this:

Why did Anna Ardin perhaps not alert Sofia Wilen?

On 16 August, Julian Assange had intercourse with Sofia Wilen. Sofia had become understood within the Swedish team around Assange for the shocking red cashmere sweater she had used right in front row of Assange’s press seminar. Anna Ardin knew Assange ended up being about to have intercourse with Sofia Wilen. On 17 August, Ardin texted a pal who was simply shopping for Assange:

“He’s maybe not right right right here. He’s planned to own sex aided by the girl that is cashmere evening, although not managed to make it. Perhaps he finally discovered time yesterday? ”

Yet Ardin later testified that simply three days earlier in the day, on 13 August, she was indeed intimately assaulted by Assange; an assault therefore serious she had been ready to take to (with great success) to ruin Julian Assange’s life that is entire. She ended up being additionally to convey that this assault involved enforced sex that is unprotected she had been concerned with HIV.

If Ardin actually thought that on 13 August Assange had forced unsafe sex on her behalf and also this might have sent HIV, why did she make no try to alert Sofia Wilen that Wilen was at risk of her life? And exactly why had been Ardin speaking about with Assange his desire for sex with Wilen, and texting about any of it to buddies, without any obvious disapproval or discouragement?

Ardin had Wilen’s contact information and even had organised her enrollment for the press seminar. She may have warned her. But she didn’t.

Let’s fit that into a rather brief survey associated with entire relationship that is ardin/Assange.

11 August: Assange comes in Stockholm for a press seminar organised by way of a branch associated with the Social Democratic Party. Anna Ardin has provided her one sleep flat as she will be away for him to stay in.

13 August: Ardin comes home early. She’s got supper with Assange and they’ve got consensual sex, regarding the very first day’s conference. Ardin subsequently alleges this converted into attack by surreptitious mutilation associated with condom.

14 August: Anna volunteers to do something as Julian’s press assistant. She sits close to him in the dais at their press meeting. Assange fulfills Sofia Wilen here.

‘Julian desires to head to a crayfish party, anybody have a few available seats tonight or tomorrow? #fb’

This try to find a crayfish celebration fails, therefore Ardin organises one herself for him, in a yard outside her flat. Anna and Julian appear good together. One guest hears Anna rib Assange that she thought “you had dumped me” as he got up from sleep early that early early morning. Another proposes to Anna that Julian can leave her flat and come stick to them. She replies: “He can stick to me personally. ”

15 August Nevertheless in the party that is crayfish Julian, Anna tweets:

‘Sitting in the open air at 02:00 and barely freezing with all the world’s coolest smartest people, it is amazing! #fb’

Julian and Anna, based on both their authorities testimonies, sleep once more in similar solitary sleep, and continue doing therefore for the following couple of days. Assange tells police they continue to have sexual intercourse; Anna tells police they just do not. That Anna and Julian go together to, and leave together from, a dinner with the leadership of the Pirate Party evening. They again sleep within the same sleep.

16 August: Julian would go to have intercourse with Sofia Wilen: Ardin doesn’t warn her of possible assault that is sexual. Another buddy provides Anna to dominate housing Julian. Anna once again refuses.

20 August: After Sofia Wilen contacts her to say this woman is concerned about STD’s including HIV after unsafe sex with Julian, Anna takes her to see Anna’s buddy, other personal Democrat user, former colleague on a single ballot in a council election, and campaigning feminist officer, Irmeli Krans. Ardin informs Wilen the authorities can compel Assange to just simply simply take an HIV test. Ardin sits in throughout Wilen’s that is unrecorded breach of procedure – police meeting. Krans makes a declaration accusing Assange of rape. Wilen does not want to signal it.

21 August Having heard Wilen’s meeting and Krans’ statement from this, Ardin makes her very own authorities declaration alleging Assange has surreptiously had unsafe sex with her eight times formerly.

Some times later on: Ardin creates a broken condom towards the authorities as proof; but a forensic assessment discovers no traces of Assange’s – or anyone else’s – DNA about it, and even its evidently unused.

No witness has arrived ahead to express that Ardin complained of intimate attack by Assange before Wilen’s Ardin-arranged meeting with Krans – and Wilen arrived ahead to not ever grumble of a attack, but check into STDs. Wilen declined to signal the statement alleging rape, that was drafted by Ardin’s friend Krans in Ardin’s existence.

It is simple that certain of a couple of things happened:


Ardin ended up being intimately assaulted with non-safe sex, but didn’t alert Wilen whenever she knew Assange would definitely see her in hope of intercourse.

Ardin also proceeded to host Assange, assist him, come in general general general public and personal with him, behave as his press assistant, and rest in identical bed with him, refusing duplicated provides to allow for him elsewhere, all after he assaulted her.


Ardin desired intercourse with Assange – from whatever motive. She “unexpectedly” came back home early after providing him the application of her one sleep flat while she had been away. By her very own admission, she had consensual intercourse with him, within hours of meeting him.

She talked about with Assange his desire for intercourse with Wilen, and seems at the least to not have been discouraging. Hearing of Wilen’s concern about HIV after unsafe sex, she took Wilen to her campaigning friend that is feminist policewoman Irmeli Krans, to be able to twist Wilen’s tale into a sexual assault – quite easy given Sweden’s astonishing “second-wave feminism” rape guidelines. Wilen declined to signal.

During the authorities place on 20 August, Wilen texted a pal at 14.25 “did not need to place any costs against JA nevertheless the authorities desired to control him. ”

At 17.26 she texted that she had been “shocked if they arrested JA because we just desired him to have a test”.

The next night at 22.22 she texted “it had been the authorities whom fabricated the charges”.

Ardin then composed her story that is own of attack. As numerous buddies knew she had been making love with Assange, she could perhaps perhaps not claim sex that is non-consensual. Therefore she manufactured her tale to squeeze in with Wilen’s issues by alleging the event regarding the torn condom. However the torn condom she produced does not have any trace of Assange about it. It is impractical to wear a condom and never keep a DNA trace.


We have no trouble in stating that We securely think Ardin to be a liar. On her behalf tale to be real involves acceptance of behavior which will be, within the literal feeling, amazing.

Ardin’s tale is needless to say incredibly poor, but that doesn’t matter. Firstly, you’re never ever designed to see all this work detail. Rape studies in Sweden take place completely in key. There isn’t any jury, additionally the federal federal government appointed judge is flanked by assessors appointed straight by governmental events. The trial will be secret, and the next thing you will hear is that he is guilty and a rapist if Assange goes to Sweden, he will disappear into jail.

Next, needless to say, it doesn’t matter evidence is indeed weak, as in order to cry rape is always to tarnish a man’s reputation forever. Anna Ardin has succeeded in destroying a lot of the ongoing work and life of Assange. The facts associated with the tale being pathetic is unimportant.

By crying rape, politically proper viewpoint falls in behind the line it is incorrect also to check out the data. If you’re perhaps not permitted to understand whom the accuser is, how could you learn that she worked with CIA-funded anti-Castro teams in Havana and Miami?

Finally, to those of good use idiots whom declare that how you can test these things is with in court, I would personally state needless http://camsloveaholics.com/sexier-review to say, you may be appropriate, we ought to trust hawaii constantly, fit-ups never happen, so we should positively condemn the disgraceful behaviour of the whom campaigned for the Birmingham Six.